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Manitoba Age-Friendly Videos

Community Living:  Aging Well

Leadership in Community Organizations

Three leaders: Tom Farrell (Victoria Beach), Joie Van Dongen (Stonewall), Doreen Stapleton (RM of Harrison Park); provide perspectives on leadership in community organizations. Leadership can come in many forms and from many people.

Role of an Age-Friendly Committee

Doreen Stapleton (Sandy Lake) and Joie van Dongen (Stonewall) as Chairs of Age-Friendly (AF) committees in their respective rural Manitoba communities talk about the essential roles played by AF committees large and small, and of the importance of the work being done by AF Committees, both in current times but also for future generations.


Two speakers, Shirley Kalyniuk (Rossburn) and Samantha Rodeck ( Ile des Chenes) discuss the importance of affordable , available and accessible transportation for older adults to their health, well being , and to the basic dignity of being an active member in their community.

Social Participation

The role of being actively involved in community is a determinant of health. Opening the door to being involved may be a scary thing, but the importance to personal well being and quality of life is essential for older persons.

Let No One Be Alone

Let No One Be Alone – Our social connectedness is a determinant of health. We all have the power to make a positive change in the lives of others; the gift of time can save lives! Reach out to someone with genuine care and concern and what great things can happen!

Intergenerational Activity: (the Elders Dance)

For several years the Elementary School in Onanole, MB has been working with older adults in the community to both enhance the school year program as well as the quality of life in the community.

Age-Friendly Manitoba Community Stories Celebrating Community Collaboration:

A Series of Short Stories

As communities continue on the path of becoming more age-friendly, there is a recognition that success is a shared responsibility.  By working together, collaboration, partnerships and intergenerational solidarity are key ingredients in developing new resources and breaking down existing barriers.

Research and experience show that collaborative initiatives are very beneficial to communities becoming more age-friendly.  We also know communities value opportunities to connect with each other and share ideas and successes.  Therefore, the Age-Friendly Manitoba Initiative, along with our partners, is launching:

Celebrating Community Collaboration: A Series of Short Stories

to promote the value, benefits and positive outcomes of collaborative efforts, as a community endeavors to become more age-friendly.

We Want to Hear Your Story!

Short, sweet and about 500 words. Photos are also welcome!  Please ensure the subject(s) in the photo have given you consent to use of the picture. Don’t forget to include your name and how we can best connect with you about the picture.

What Will Happen to Your Story?

We would like to share and showcase your story.  It may show up

  • On our website:
  • In our monthly eblast Newsletter
  • As a story told at a workshop or community consultation by one of our Age-Friendly Resource Team member
  • Showcased in select publications.

We will credit your community when and wherever we use your story.

Getting Started

Remember our purpose:  Celebrating Community Collaboration

Your Story can focus on one of three themes:

  • Our vision for the future looks like…
  • Our experience might help other to…
  • We are so proud of this…

If you like, you can start your story with the opening line:

  • We are more age-friendly because we…

Within the Age-Friendly Manitoba Initiative, a number of key principles have been identified, one or more of which may help you in telling your story: 

  • Shared responsibility
  • Partnerships and Leadership
  • Municipal government engagement
  • Voluntarism
  • Innovation

Intergenerational solidarity

Tell Us Who You Are

Stories can be submitted by the municipal government (elected officials or staff), a community organization, a citizen or a neighbour proud of what you have accomplished.  Perhaps you want to get together with a few other folks to craft your story.  

Please include the name of your community, the photo permissions, and the names of those who wrote the story and how best to contact them.

To submit your story, or for more information, please email:   

or contact:  Connie Newman at 204-792-5838

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