Community Support and Health Services


Community Support and Health Services Community services include a variety of positive supports for children, youth and adults. Older adult services could include congregate meal programs,

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Communication and Information


Communication and Information An Age-Friendly approach keeps community members informed about community events, emergency response strategies and relevant information. The information is reliable and

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Civic Participation and Employment Opportunities


Civic Participation and Employment Opportunities An Age-Friendly community has a range of opportunities for civic participation, employment and volunteer positions that allow all residents,

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Respect & Social Inclusion


Respect and Social Inclusion An Age-Friendly community provides social opportunities that include and recognize all citizens and especially seniors so they can continue

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Social Participation


Social Participation Age-Friendly communities offer a variety of social events, indoor and outdoor and include intergenerational activities.  Newcomers and older adults that may be

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Housing Choices are offered to accommodate the needs and desires of residents and allow older people to remain independent for as long as possible




Transportation Age-friendly transportation allows residents of all ages, with a focus on older adults to carry out daily activities such as: volunteering, shopping, attending appointments and


Outdoor Spaces & Buildings


Outdoor Spaces and Buildings Communities are incorporating the age-friendly vision to create supportive physical environments with outdoor spaces and buildings designed to

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