Intergenerational Activity: (the Elders Dance)


For several years the Elementary School in Onanole, MB has been working with older adults in the community to both enhance the school year program as well as the quality of life in the community.

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Let No One Be Alone


Let No One Be Alone – Our social connectedness is a determinant of health. We all have the power to make a positive change in the lives of others; the gift of time can save lives! Reach out to someone with genuine care and concern and what great things can happen!

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Social Participation


The role of being actively involved in community is a determinant of health. Opening the door to being involved may be a scary thing, but the importance to personal well being and quality of life is essential for older persons.

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Two speakers, Shirley Kalyniuk (Rossburn) and Samantha Rodeck ( Ile des Chenes) discuss the importance of affordable , available and accessible transportation for older adults to their health, well being , and to the basic dignity of being an active member in their community.


Role of an Age-Friendly Committee


Doreen Stapleton (Sandy Lake) and Joie van Dongen (Stonewall) as Chairs of Age-Friendly (AF) committees in their respective rural Manitoba communities talk about the essential roles played by AF committees large and small, and of the importance of the work being done by AF Committees, both in current times but also for future generations.

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Leadership in Community Organizations


Three leaders: Tom Farrell (Victoria Beach), Joie Van Dongen (Stonewall), Doreen Stapleton (RM of Harrison Park); provide perspectives on leadership in community organizations. Leadership can come in many forms and from many people.

Leadership in Community Organizations2024-04-24T19:53:11-05:00
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